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ULXD6 and ULXD8 Wireless Transmitters

The ULXD6 Boundary Microphone Transmitter and ULXD8 Gooseneck Base Transmitter offer form factors that are ideal for meetings and events where quick setup and teardown are important or flexible seating arrangements make wired microphones impractical.

With long transmission range (up to 300 feet / 91 meters) and a wide selection of antenna distribution components, the ULXD6 and ULXD8 are easily and efficiently scalable for use in very large meetings at conference and convention centers. A choice of rechargeable battery pack or standard AA batteries provides all-day runtime.


SBC450 4-Bay & SBC850 8-Bay Networked Charging Stations

Conveniently charge, monitor and update ULXD6 and ULXD8 transmitters equipped with the SB900A rechargeable battery. Transmitters simply slide into the chargers; no need to remove the battery. When SBC450 and SBC850 chargers are connected to a network, charging status of the transmitters can be viewed remotely. Plus, while transmitters are in the chargers, transmitter settings or firmware can be updated using Shure Wireless Workbench®, Shure SystemOn software or third-party room control systems.


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