All New Opportunities!

With the recent addition of 3 new lines to our line card, please make sure to visit the Our Manufacturers page of our website to see what it's all about!


Congrats to our very own Cathy Peden for winning Allen and Heath's 2022 Sales Support Specialist of the Year!

Jacqui Retiring

4/25/22 A fine send off indeed! We finally had the opportunity to give Jacqui a proper retirement party after putting up with SKMac for over 23 years! Fun was had…

Sonance Hires SKMac

Sonance hires SKMac to represent their innovative and industry leading products in the Mid-Atlantic. "Sonance, IPort Products, and James Loudspeaker are all best in class products and we are pleased…

It’s All Here!

A lot has happened in the past couple of years at EAW. Arturo Vicari, who also owns RCF and db Technologies purchased them. Kenton Forsyth rejoined the company almost 2…