It’s simple: You need AV. We get you AV.

Samuel K. Macdonald (SKMac) is a savvy, do-what-it-takes manufacturer’s representative firm serving the professional audio, video, lighting, MI, and security markets in the Mid-Atlantic States. Our expert team of professionals match products with companies—and we’ve been doing it since 1926. That’s over 95 years as a professional services organization in the region. You won’t find that expertise or pedigree anywhere else!

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We know all the people who have stuff and need stuff.

In business speak: we’ve spent years honing our sales strategies, infiltrating a cross-section of markets and delivering top AV systems.

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We weren’t going to name drop. But…

We successfully rep a select club of formidable and discerning A/V manufacturers.

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A company as old as ours is steeped in sales wisdom.

Our principals and sales team members are intelligent market strategists who put AV products in the hands of those who need them.

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It’s All Here!

It’s All Here!

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SKMac is Now Your One Systems Representatives!

SKMac is Now Your One Systems Representatives!

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