We are sales professionals among sales professionals.

Experienced salespeople on the streets, incredible customer service, unrivaled salesmanship, best-in-class technical support and an excellent line–up of some of the industry’s premier manufacturers has made SKMac a leading manufacturer’s rep company since 1926. That’s over 95 years of providing system solutions and innovative products to local integrators, contractors, consultants and dealers. We look beyond the basic needs of our clients to share insight and leadership. Our knowledge is your knowledge.

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These are our truths:

  • A strong commitment to ethics and principles is a no brainer.
  • Providing unrivaled service and support goes without saying.
  • Best–of–breed product representation is the least we will deliver.
  • A long history of established relationships and customer loyalty holds us accountable.
  • We will invest in ourselves to better serve you.
  • Financial stability ensures all of the above.

Ask around. We trust you’ll hear good things. Maybe even the phrase: “Product Whisperer”. Then give us call. Your business will love you for it.