Our People

Perry D’Angelo

SKMac began as a father/son venture—as many good things do. Perry’s father, Jack, had been a longtime veteran of the company when Perry joined him in 1979. They later bought the company from Mrs. Macdonald. When Jack passed in 1993, Perry assumed the reins and added to SKMac’s legacy with his steadfast devotion to honesty, excellence and plain ol’ hard work—values that continue to underwrite SKMac’s success. He wears many hats: president, salesperson and fun master. It’s important to maximize the profits and minimize the stuffiness he says. He’s maintained decades old relationships with most of SKMac’s customers because they trust him and they like him (Well, most of them, anyway.) He’ll grow your business and make you laugh while he’s doing it. Outside the office, he’s active in his church and community, and enjoys supporting his two sons in whatever they’re doing. Perry loves his hometown Orioles and Ravens. Don’t sit by him though. Perry and his giant foam finger can get a little excited.



Todd Peden

Todd’s first job in the industry dates back to the hair band days of 1982 when he sold audio gear and managed sound for local bands in his college town. From there he spent some time in MI retail in Chicago, and was the National Field Sales Manager for an audio equipment manufacturer based out of Chicago. That started his journey into training and sales management. He soon graduated to audio system designs for houses of worship, at the same time providing product and professional audio training and sales management for a prominent New England speaker manufacturer. In 1995, he left the Mid–West and moved his family to NJ where he became a principal at a manufacturer’s representative firm. In 2009, he left the NY metro area and joined SKMac—assuming the role of Laurel to Perry’s Hardy. Todd’s role in the company is to support our federal government friends, dealer and end user trainings, design and demonstration support, and sales and operations management for the company. Todd holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music with a heavy concentration in math and the physical sciences. He is CTS and ISF-C certified, and has taught training seminars offering CTS renewal credits since 2007. Todd is also an active part of the tech team in his church, and has been a “front of house” engineer in live band and house of worship venues for years. Let’s get right to it, he knows his stuff. He also knows way too much about the mating habits of iguanas, but we won’t get into that.



Timothy Cornish

Tim joined SKMac in 2002, and has represented our manufacturers with an unsurpassed commitment to excellence, professionalism and customer service. Tim covers the whole state of Virginia south of Fredericksburg—and then some. Just ask him how big the state of Virginia is. Prior to joining the company, Tim worked for a competitive representative company (we’ve forgiven him) for nine years in various inside and outside sales positions as well as with LARES Associates, a pioneer in electronic Acoustical Reinforcement Enhancement Systems. He’s also acted as a personal guitar tech, RF coordinator, vest bedazzler and overall technology go–to person for MCC Tours, Mary Chapin Carpenter. And if that’s not enough experience for you, Tim has also worked for many years in the MI/Pro Audio/Recording and Technology segment of our industry at various retail locations throughout the Washington DC metro area. Show off. Tim “works” from his house and car in Central Virginia–and likes a good pair of ECCO shoes. Who doesn’t?



Jeffrey Mullin

Jeff has over 25 years invested in the industry, most of them with SKMac. He lives in Metro Baltimore with his wife and has two beautiful daughters, and helps hold down the fort at SKM World Headquarters in Reisterstown, MD. Jeff covers MI and lighting sales for SKMac in Delaware, VA, MD and our Metro NY marketplaces—his odometer is proof of how hard he works. Jeff came to SKMac with previous rep and industry experience, and prior to that, Jeff spent eleven years in retail MI sales. Bottom line: Jeff’s a seasoned sales guy. He is also active in the local music scene, playing drums in two different Baltimore bands. Jeff is the unofficial mayor of Baltimore, and his favorite product to sell is anything that goes to eleven.



Gregory Geiser

Greg is one of the youngsters in the SKMac family and is very excited to own the title of the company’s one and only millennial. Greg came to SKMac in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Recording Technology from Lebanon Valley College, coupled with a five-year stint at Clair Global in Lititz, PA, where he specialized in digital mixing consoles. Greg and his teammate, Jason, are the dynamic duo that are rocking the rep world as our systems sales representatives in Eastern PA, DE, and NJ. Greg is an avid golfer, bourbon aficionado and working musician. You will find him playing in local hot spots throughout Central and Eastern PA, fending off groupies and soccer moms. Greg and his ever-growing road crew of a loving wife, 3 little ones and one dog reside in South Eastern, PA.



Michael Waskevich

Mike grew up in South Jersey, moved to Central PA to get a recording degree at Lebanon Valley College and never looked back. After a stint in radio as a production director, he worked MI retail for seven years. Since then, he’s been a sales representative in the Mid–Atlantic, covering SKMac’s retail accounts in Central PA and Southern NJ. He also runs a commercial recording studio (another incredibly successful basement start–up). When he’s not on the road or recording his super–secret alt rock album, he spends what little spare time teaching audio and music production at LVC, his alma mater. Mike also has a real talent for uncovering unique and brilliant microbrew IPAs.



Jason Drayer

Before joining SKMac in 2012, Jason spent four years representing manufacturers in the Mid–Atlantic region with a competing rep firm. He developed his love for technology and music and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Recording Technology at Lebanon Valley College. Jason began his career in pro audio sales at a Central Pennsylvania music store and earns his stripes every darn day. Jason’s developed a reputation for energetic trainings and demonstrations, which he performs while servicing integration and consultant accounts in Central/Eastern PA, Maryland and Northern VA. He lives in Central PA with his wife, their three children and some very large dogs. Occasionally, Jason will demonstrate product for them in his living room in full Kermit voice. He hasn’t gotten used to the heckling, though.



Chris Green

Chris began his career in the 90’s in the event & rental side of our industry. During his tenure at a regional sound company, Chris honed his craft as an A2, A1 and system tech. From there he added large scale video projection, IMAG, broadcast production and theatrical lighting to his list of skills. More recently Chris spent the 15 years prior to joining SKMac in the system integration market primarily focused on Houses of Worship. In his spare time Chris enjoys long walks on the beach, a cozy fire, death metal and watching his daughter ice skate. OK, none of that is true except the ice skating daughter part. Chris is an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan and yes, we do hold that against him! Chris has joined SKMac as a Sales Engineer, servicing our integration and consultant clients and end users in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland.



Scott Church

After Scott left college, he spent time on cruise ships, touring overseas with the USO/DOD and managing rental/sales companies up and down the east coast, including Baltimore Stage Lighting and 4Wall. His most enjoyable role, until now, was working as the national sales manager for a lighting manufacturer based in New Zealand. An avid musician still playing locally, he is best known as the industry bass player, often playing at the LDI Expo and other professional lighting events. His passion for lighting and technology has brought him to us and we are glad it did. Scott primary role is the professional lighting and audio production clientele in the Metro NY marketplace.

Next time you see Scott ask him about glow worm caves and 3 wheeled car luging…

Scott stated, “I have always respected, trusted and believed in the knowledgeable staff at SKMac and now to be part of it is wonderful.”

We feel the same about you Scott.



Zach Bright

Zach has been in the AV industry for 15+ years working on the manufacturer side. His father was an industry veteran running the AV division at Mitsubishi and then started up Kramer Electronics US operations. Zach had no intention in getting into AV, but as we all know once you get in you can’t get out! Zach spent 10+ years at Kramer starting in the warehouse during summers in college and worked his way through about 8 positions ending up as Regional Sales Manager for the Northeast and then moved on to Mersive Technologies for almost 5 years as NY Metro Channel Manager.

Zach lives as far east as you can go in PA in Easton with his two sons Ridgeway and Beckett, a 3-legged dog named Trip and a one eyed cat. Zach is concentrating on our systems integrators, the AV consultant community and helping Scott out with the audio production houses in the Metro NY marketplace.

In his free time he enjoys the outdoors fishing, hunting, hiking, baseball and golf (claim to fame is having a beer with the greatest golfer of all time … Shooter McGaven).

Jack D’Angelo

Another D’Angelo? Yes, in fact, Jack is now the third generation of D’Angelo’s to join the SKMac family and the third currently employed by SKMac. Frankly, there are some in the company that might consider that’s too many D’Angelo’s, just saying. Jack comes to us as a recent graduate of the University of Maryland, where he received a degree in Economics. While in school, he interned at a trade association for commodity futures exchanges and at a mortgage company – which is where he first started working upon college graduation. In April 2018, his SKMAC career began and he now wears many hats, but primarily serves as an inside sales support/customer service representative.




Cathy Peden

Cathy (and yes, the poor woman has been married to Todd since 1983) began her career at SKMac in 2015. Having worked for 15 years as an inside sales and customer service agent for an A/V rep firm in Metro New York, Cathy brings loads of customer service experience with her. She knows a thing or two about mortgage loan processing, AR/AP and tag and title work, which is helpful, too. Cathy is another Perry “nose–wiper”, and also helps support the field sales and sales management team. Cathy has two adult male offspring, beautiful daughter-in-laws and 2 precious little granddaughters. She likes to recycle, but does not wear hemp, preferring good old–fashioned cotton.



Cindi D’Angelo

Cindi started working for SKMac in 1990. (How do you work for that guy for that long?) I’ll tell you how. She’s a Perry survivor. Her pleasant personality and attention to detail has delighted our customers and manufacturers for over 30 years. When she’s not sitting back and listening to her son, Andrew, sing and play the guitar, or wiping Perry’s uh, nose, you will find Cindi volunteering at her church. If you ask her nicely, she will bake you cookies. Seriously, she will.



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